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And that memory is playing cowgirls and pirates with the crew at Rancho Chilamate.It all started with the earliest wake up call I had in San Juan del Sur, a am pickup from the center of town.Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that pool, or linger over dinner with this crowd?I arrived at Rancho Chilamate with zero expectations. My partner for the day was a beauty named Bruno, who I’d been matched with after answering questions about my personality and riding experience.Through the work he was doing, he began forming a bond with two other missionaries — Wayne and Megan Tingle — who eventually established Enrich Missions in Matagalpa.The Christian mission offers tutoring and has an established nutrition program that feeds about 75 children four times a week and administers vitamins.Saxgren's photographs are disturbing and haunting, and his text sets the scene for them with perfectly concise detail as he walks Death Alley with us and introduces us to lives sad but in their way also brave.

He’s currently looking for people who might be interested in going on the trip next summer.“I’d always wanted to do a mission trip,” Peekenschneider said. I decided I would take 14 high school kids with three other chaperones to a Third World country for a week.”With Life Link International, Peekenschneider took groups to the Nicaraguan capital of Managua, where they began building schools.

I knew that their rides were ranked number one on Tripadvisor for things to do in San Juan del Sur and I knew that I loved unique horseback riding experiences, but I hadn’t asked any questions or done any research beyond that. Our group was perfectly sized — five riding guests and three ranch guides, and we meandered contentedly through dirt roads and wide open valleys towards the beach. The horses moved organically, and I felt connected to Bruno as we tested out different gaits and took turns saying hi to different riders and horses.

So imagine my delight when our first order of business was suiting up in a fully stocked cowgirl closet, and doing a photoshoot in front of those gorgeous blue doors. I realized right then and there I could never go on another stale trail ride again. We crested a ridge in the valley and suddenly, I was staring out at the sea. At this point, we dismounted and everyone took a break — the horses relaxed in the shade and we toasted to our journey with and warm goodies baked by women in the local community.

The last group he brought with him — most of whom were from Pierce — helped erect an enrichment center. He and members from the most recent Nicaraguan mission will offer a public review at St.

The next group Peekenschneider takes to Nicaragua — which will be Saturday, Aug. Joseph’s Catholic Church fellowship hall in Pierce from 2 to 3 p.m., on Sunday, Oct.

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It had only been a few hours but I felt like I was surrounded by old friends.