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Grey s anatomy 5x01 online dating

It started out as a challenge between us, and we ended up having so much fun!

I'm a very open-minded reader and writer, I love angst and fluff, and I always try to maintain a balance between the two, though my latest stories are becoming a little darker, a little closer to reality.

I don't know if I'll ever get around to do it, probably never, but who knows?

I prefer writing more new stories for you rather than digging up whatever I have already written in the past.

I graduated in Modern Languages and Literature at the University of Bologna. I can also hold up a conversation in Spanish, understand a little German and very basic French.

Every time that I can I like to travel and walk extensively, so that I feel less guilty when I eat my body weight in pancakes or breakfast food in general.

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And also: Ghosts of the Past, which can be found on Nicole's profile.