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Originally played by actress Brooke Radding in 1996, the character was last portrayed by actress Adrianne León when her birth date was revised to 1987 starting in 2004.Leon was nominated for two awards for the role in 2005: the Soap Opera Digest "Outstanding Female Newcomer Award", and "Outstanding Younger Actress" in the Daytime Emmy Awards. It was announced in 2010 that Leon would return to the show as Brook Lynn that May.Brook Lynn is raised by her mother after her parents' divorce, but lives with her father as a teenager.She is a talented songwriter and singer and her mother, a band manager and record company executive, often pressures her to pursue a singing career.

She is also involved in adventures with Georgie Jones, her uncle Dillon Quartermaine, and Sage Alcazar, who competes with her for a recording contract.

Why do I care that Max proposed with an amethyst ring? It would have been all too easy for Max to step into the jewelry shop and ask for the celeb style du jour, cushion-cut or emerald or even princess. Whatever the reason behind this purchase, the bottom line is it does take some resolve and determination to blaze a new path out of the white ice tundra, to the colorful rainforest of other deeply hued gems.

But no, this man wanted something different for his bride. Going in the way of Prince Harry who proposed to Kate with his mother's sapphire ring, Max Rogers and Kimberly Wyatt are in good company. It's a place that's warm and inviting to the rest of us common folk, too.

The bravest thing I've ever done is leave the Pussycat Dolls.

I got to a point where I knew my heart wasn't in it any more and I needed to make some serious choices.

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