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I've tried connecting my laptop to the TV but there's no remote control, so it makes for an annoying solution.

The Lacie La Cinema Premier is not a perfect way of watching your photos and videos and listening to music through your TV but it does its job well.

All the most popular file formats and plug-ins will be supported, from Div X to high-quality MKV H.264.

After so many months since I bought this mobile I finally decided to write a review about it.

This Nokia 5800, in a few words, is easily one of the best mobile phones made by Nokia.

Boasting a 2TB hard-drive, the La Cinema HD has plenty of storage available to house 1080p video content, which is fully compatible with the player.

USB support makes shifting content from one device to another simple too.

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It is simple and plays most file formats (except, for some odd reason, the AVI movie files my Canon camera creates) with files that are loaded into the unit through a USB connection.